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Public Platform (*founding members)

Chair of Nemoforum                                                                                Ms. Veronika Nedvědová
Organisation Member of Plenum
*Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre Mr. Karel Štencel – chairman of Public Platform
vice-president of the COSMC
member of the Board
Czech Statistical Office Ms. Zdeňka Udržalová
head of the statistical units section
*Ministry of Finance Ms. Alena Holmes
director of property taxes dept.
*Ministry for Regional Development Mr. Vladimír Voldřich
Spatial planning dept.
*Ministry of Interior Ms. Eva Kubátová
Dept. of eGovernment projects and services development
member of the Board
*Ministry of Agriculture Mr. Martin Havlíček
head of the Section of development and IT project management
*Union of Towns and Municipalities of the CR Mr. Petr Gabriel
member of the Property committee
Ministry of the Environment Mr. Vladimír Fanta
director of the CENIA
Association of Regions of the CR Mr. Pavel Matějka
Liberec Region

Professional Platform (*founding members)

Organisation Member of Plenum
*Czech Association for Geoinformation Mr. Petr Kubíček – chairman of Professional Platform
vice-president of the CAGI
member of the Board
*Association of Real Estate Offices Mr. Miroslav Duda
appointed representative
*Czech Society of Certified Property Appraisers Mr. Zbyněk Smejkal
president CSCPA
*Masaryk University in Brno Mr. Milan Konečný
head of the Lab for geoinformatics and cartography
*Chamber of Notaries Mr. Robert Procházka
appointed representative
*Utilities Eastern Bohemia Mr. Petr Pavlík
appointed representative
Chamber of Surveyors and Cartographers Mr. Milan Kocáb
appointed representative
Utilities Central Bohemia Mr. Zbyněk Businský
appointed representative
University of West Bohemia in Pilsen Mr. Václav Čada
Dept. of geomatics, Faculty of applied science
member of the Board
Union of Land Owners Mr. Jaroslav Urban
appointed representative
Czech Transport Telematic Association Mr. Pavel Hrubeš
appointed representative