Information System of the Cadastre of Real Estate

Cadastre of Real Estate (KN) is one of the largest information systems of the state administration as for the data amount. In 1998 the digitization of its File of descriptive information was completed and at present the work on the digitization of the File of geodetic information is going on.
Information System of the Cadastre of Real Estate (ISKN) is an integrated information system designated for support of the state administration performance in the area of the KN and for its user services provision. ISKN contains the means for administration of the files of descriptive and geodetic information, for support of administrative activities of the KN as well as for the administration of documentation resources. ISKN is a centralized system with the only database, which is connected to all cadastral workplaces via internal network.

Data Administration  

The main ISKN strength is implementation of a sequence of automatic checks into the process of registration of changes into the KN and the possibility of taking over the updated data both from the system of basic registers and other agenda information systems. The procedure of KN data change is supported by the technical-organizational measures and by system checking. The proposal of changes, its checking and final registration is realized by different persons according to their assigned users´ functions. The proposal of changes is prepared into so called future state according to the proposal and this future state can be depicted f.i. in the form of future excerpt from the KN or in the digital cadastral map as a future depiction in it – of course only in areas with existing digital map.
Administrative activities in the course of the process of registration of changes into the KN are supported by the electronic communication using the electronic documents as well. The proposals for changes submitted by the executors or notaries or via web application  are automatically processed by the ISKN and the interconnection with the data boxes system enables operative communication with clients in electronic way.
Unified centralized administration of code lists, which is included in the ISKN, enables unification of procedures connected with processing of proposals for changes in cadastral offices thus improving the quality and consistence of data base. Some central code lists and possibly other indexes are overtaken from external resources (f.i. code lists of territorial identification or postcodes).

Data and Service Provision  

The tools for data provision enable publishing and providing required updated data from the KN immediately in the cadastral offices or in a couple of minutes via the application Remote Access (DP). All data can be provided from the whole territory of the state.
DP provides data and services via Internet based on the registration and depending on the type of the customer either for fee or free of charge (for public administration). The excerpts from the KN and the pictures of cadastral maps are marked by electronic stamp and so they are the public electronic documents. These excerpts can be converted by the authorized persons (notaries, Czech Post and particularly CzechPoint workplaces) from the electronic into the paper form of public documents. At present more than one third of excerpts from the KN are provided in this way. KN data are provided to public in the form of datasets with defined content as well, in the form of so called exchange format. The description of the exchange format (VF ISKN) included all its amendments and further information about VF ISKN together with the document Structure of VFISKN of the CR unabridged is published here . The data sample is available there as well.