Freedom of Administrative Fees (§ 8 of the Act)

Act Nr. 634/2004 Coll., on Administrative fees, in later wording
§ 8
Freedom of administrative fees
(1) Following subjects are exempted from the fees
a) state institutions and state funds,
b) representative offices of foreign states and delegated representatives, professional consuls and further persons, in case they are foreigners privileged according to the international  law, the reciprocity is guaranteed and the acts are not performed in the personal interest or favour of these persons,
c) local self-government administrative units and their bodies asking for performance of activities,
d) legal persons asking for performance of activities connected with execution of state administration in their responsibility,
e) natural or legal persons, if it is stated in binding international agreements and stipulations of the Czech Republic.
(2) Following acts are exempted from the fees
a) connected with performance of special legal rules about social security, about pension insurance, about pension and extra pension allowance, about public health insurance, about employment , about state social benefits, about medical insurance, about general health insurance premium, about social security premium and state employment policy benefits, about social rights children protection, about social services, about allowances for disabled people, for help in desperate need, in matters regarding the duty to enlist for military service and in matters of civilian service excluded the fee for issuance or change of the identity card for disabled person and the fee for receipt of the application for accreditation of educational programme according to the legal rules about social benefits
b) realized as a result of a change or correction of the name of municipality, city, region, street, other public area, birth number and activities realized as a consequence of the decision by virtue of office,
c) for the bodies of local self-government administrative units, realized  by the authority of the same local self-government administrative unit,
d) for the purposes of probate proceedings realized by the notary acting as judicial commissioner,
e) for purposes of execution proceedings realized by the judicial executor with exception of item 1 point 1 letter l),
f) for purposes of use of voting right,
g) connected with provision of temporary protection of foreigners,
h) if stated so in binding international agreements and stipulations of the Czech Republic,
i) performed in consequences of natural disaster on the territory of the Czech Republic; for purposes of this Act accidental fire and explosion, lightning, windstorm and wind speed higher than 75 km/h, flooding, deluge, hailstorm, landslides, rock crash, in case not caused by the industrial or building operation, avalanche slip and earthquake reaching at least 4th magnitude of Richter magnitude scale.
(3) Results of the exempt acts according to par. 2 letters a) to i) will be marked by the authority with the purpose of the act.
(4) Further persons and acts are exempted from the fee as well, in the range given by the scale.
(5) Administrative office can increase or decrease or abandon fee collecting in the range given by the scale.