Communication with DP Helpdesk Service

Methodical support of the Users

This service serves for the communication with public without any limitation. After click on the Helpdesk contact form    you open the dialogue window with the form via which you can send your questions regarding the technical, methodical and general operational problems of DP application or report the discovered defects. Alternatively following eMail can be used:
Helpdesk service for DP users on the phone 2 8404 4455, operating hours are following: Monday 8-17, Tuesday 8-15, Wednesday 8-17, Thursday 8-15 and Friday 8-14.


Administration of DP Customers´ Accounts

The address serves particularly to registered DP users and communication regarding their accounts administration (data changes of the customer, invoicing, blocking and cancellation of accounts and other administration matters). Provide your username and account number when communicating with us.