Outputs from the Cadastre of Real Estate Provided via Remote Access

Excerpt from the Cadastre of Real Estate

Called as Extract of the Ownership Folio (further only LV). It proves the existence of identical legal relation regarding the ownership for one or more entitled persons to one or more real estates. It consists of parts A to F with following content:
  • Part A: specification of the legal relation and information about the owner or co-owners and their shares or about other entitled persons with stated legal relation to real estates specified in the part B.
  • Part B: information about real estates (parcels, parcels registered in a simplified way, buildings, flats and non-residential units).In case the building located on the parcel has another owner; the number of its LV is stated there. The same is applicable vice versa – in case the building is the subject of ownership, but not the parcel under it, the number of LV of the parcel is stated there. Part B1 is allocated for registration of other real rights that are mentioned in part A to somebody else´s real estates.
  • Part C: limitation of ownership rights (encumbrances, mortgages etc.) to real estates registered in part B.
  • Part D: list of acquisition titles, it is documents regarding ownership of real estates in part B.
  • Part E: technical records.
  • Part F: concerns solely agricultural parcels and contents their classification into estimated pedologic-ecological units (BPEJ).In case any real estate form part B of this LV is prejudiced by the upcoming change of legal relations is this mentioned here as P (so called seal) and at the end of the excerpt there is a note with the number of proceeding based on which the P was put there. The set Extract from the cadastre of real estate created in pdf is labelled by the electronic mark of the provider (ČÚZK) and can be considered electronic public document within the law.
This output can be obtained via WSDP as well.

Information about Parcels

Following data are published for each parcel: parcel number, area, type and use of the parcel, or type of real estate preservation, LV number, information about the owner (or co-owners and their shares). Further the way of area determination is stated, and in case the concerned cadastral unit has not been transformed into the digital cadastral map (DKM) yet the number of map sheet depicting the parcel is mentioned. In case any building is registered at the parcel, its house or registration number, or ownership of this building is published, unless it has the same owner as the parcel. Agricultural parcels have information about BPEJ added. In case the parcel is prejudiced by the upcoming change of legal relations the number of proceeding based on which the seal (P) occurred there.
In case the parcel belongs to those parcels registered in a simplified way (it is parcel overtaken form previous land registrations), provided information is limited as follows: information about origin of the parcel, area, LV number and information about the owner (or co owners and their shares).
This output can be obtained via WSDP as well.

Information about Buildings

Output set contains following information for each building (with house or registration number) registered in the KN: parcel number on which the building is located, LV number, owner (or co owners and their shares) included their addresses, number type and number of proceeding.
This output can be obtained via WSDP as well.

Information about Flats and Non-residential Premises (Units)

The output is similar to the “Information about Buildings”, regarding however solely those flats and non-residential premises (units) registered individually in the KN.
This output can be obtained via WSDP as well.

Outputs Provided in a Way of Simplified Access

The function of so called “simplified access” enables to get quickly basic information about stated Ownership Folio (LV- information about owners and registered real estates) or about stated real estate (LV on which they are registered, or type and use of the parcel and information about related objects).Information is generated directly and free of charge on the screen.

Ownership Overview

Output set contains overview of LV in the hierarchy of territorial units (district, municipality and cadastral unit).Standardized DP limits the searching range solely for one chosen region. This limitation does not apply so called “Enlarged DP”, which enables ownership searching throughout the whole Czech Republic.
This output can be obtained via WSDP as well.

Existence of Rights for a Person

This function enables to find out whether the given subject (natural or legal person) has any ownership or other real rights registered in the cadastre of real estate (KN). Information provided in the output set is valid solely in the real time of opening the set. Opposite to the ownership overview it is impossible to ask for information about the past state.
The set is created even if the given subject has neither ownership nor other real rights registered in the KN. Both parameters identifying the entitled subject are obligatory. Subjects not registered in KN with the birth number, date of birth or company registration number (IČO) cannot be identified via this function.
This output can be obtained via WSDP as well.

Course of Proceeding

Output concerns always solely one individual proceeding. It contains information about its participants, proceeding objects (parcels, buildings and units), assigned documents and realized operations.

Depiction of Overview and Cadastral Map

It enables depiction of overview map of district boundaries of the Czech Republic, overview map of cadastral district boundaries (in the frame of one district and its surroundings) and cadastral map of chosen cut-out of the cadastral unit (at present the digital cadastral map exists only in cadastral units marked in red in the overview map of cadastral units boundaries). At the territory without the digital map the orientation map of parcels is provided.

Copy of the Cadastral Map in PDF

Output is the page in PDF in format A4 or A3 (charged as 2 pages of A4) containing the copy of chosen area of the cadastral map. The copy scale can be chosen from three options:1 : 1 000, 1 : 2 000 or 1 : 500. Of course these copies can be created only in the areas with the digital cadastral map for disposal. The output document is marked with an electronic mark of the provider and can be considered public electronic document.

Special Outputs

These serve mostly for special purposes and internal use of the cadastre of real estate administration, particularly for the employees of cadastral offices, for institutions participating on administration of the KN and for other professionals, f.i. surveyors creating the survey sketches. For nonprofessional user are most of these outputs of no interest and due to their large extent also very expensive. It concerns following bulk outputs of KN objects from the complete territorial units (specified in the brackets):
  • List of parcels of the KN (cadastral unit)
  • List of parcels registered in the simplified way (cadastral unit)
  • List of buildings with house and registration numbers (cadastral unit, part of the municipality)
  • List of hydrological objects
  • List of municipalities (district)
  • List of parts of municipalities (municipality)
  • List of cadastral units (region, cadastral unit, municipality)
  • Statistical data about cadastral units (cadastral unit)
  • List of points of minor control (cadastral unit)
  • Geodetic data about points of minor control