Remote Access – more detailed information

Remote access (DP) provided by the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre enables to get data from the cadastre of real estate (KN) at the whole territory of the Czech Republic via INTERNET.

Outputs from the KN acquired in this way (f.i. EXCERPT from the CADASTRE of REAL ESTATE etc.) are both formally and factually identical with the documents issued by the cadastral office.

Data provided via DP can be considered completely updated because the content changes of the KN are realized directly in the KN internal central database. All changes of internal central database ISKN are transferred in 20 minutes interval to the DP database as a rule.


DP to the data of KN is reserved solely for users having user´s account, which enables charging them for all realized outputs. User´s accounts are primarily designated for legal and natural persons expecting permanent and often use of the DP service. Interested individuals needed only one-time output from the KN concerning any location in the CR, can be served by the same service in any cadastral office regardless of territorial competence.

Technical requirements

Unlike the common internet applications the DP one requires special user station software which is described in detail in a separate set called Technical requirements for operation of the DP application  (ZIP) . Only their fulfilment guarantees successful access and perfect functionality of the application.

Provided data

Remote access provides data from the KN from the whole territory of the Czech Republic. However, this is valid solely for the text outputs specified under the link DP output compositions. Cadastral maps in digital form are temporary for disposal only in some cadastral units. Further cadastral units are being step-by-step completed depending on the progress of the digitization of the KN. In locations without digitized cadastral map the raster picture of the cadastral map is for disposal. Information about available graphical documentation can be acquired in the application ArchiWeb on the address  .

Application operation

DP application runs continuously. Technical devices for running of the application are provided with emergency systems to prevent inaccessibility of the application in case of unexpected failure of one component. Information about planned application shutdowns is published on the website Operational information and application interruptions   and short information is depicted even on the introductory page of the DP application. The number of simultaneously logged users of the application is regulated and limited. After reaching the limited number the other users are recommended to repeat the attempt later. Nevertheless the limit is sufficient at present and no users are refused due to this reason.

For download

  • Technical requirements of the DP application
    • ikona formátu PDF (DOCX) - Updated on 18.8.2018 

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