Security Measures and Rules for Use of Passwords

It is generally known that data transmission in public Internet network always carries a small risk of misuse regarding the unauthorized hacking into the communication between the user and provider. Concerning the remote access to the cadastre of real estate it can cause not only financial lost to the user but in extreme case also dangerous disinformation if deliberate manipulation with transmitted data. DP application faces these risks in following ways:

  1. Security of Communication
    All kinds of communication between the user station and provider server runs in a protected regime using the certificate issued by the Certification authority of the Czech Post ltd., Postsignum. This protection covers not only the login dialogue but also downloading of datasets; it means all outputs from the cadastre of real estate provided via DP. This measure does not impose any requirements on users.
    • Enforced Use of Passwords More Hack-Resistant
      Based on the results of security audit was the original indulgence regarding use of passwords not ensuring satisfactory security of customers´ accounts replaced with stricter security rules. These are automatically enforced by current DP application. We believe that following measures will be accepted with understanding between the users in their own interest. Each newly introduced password must meet following requirements:
    • Password must contain at least 12 characters.
    • It must not contain the username even in the reverse order of characters.
    • It must not contain the part of the registered eMail in front of @.
    • It must not be the same as any of previous 12 passwords.
    • The names or shortcuts commonly used in the context of the application must not be inside the password.
    • It must not contain more than 3 identical characters in a row.
    • It must not contain more than 3 consecutive alphabetical characters or digits, even in the reverse order.
    • The minimum time between two password changes must be longer than 30 minutes.
    • Password not meeting these requirements will not be accepted by the application.
    • Validity of the user´s password is always automatically limited for 18 months (the user can of course change his password more often). 15 days before the expiration date of the password validity the user will be notified of the necessity to change the password at every login and afterwards its change will be enforced in the before mentioned.
  2. Automatic Detection of Password Hacking Attempts
    In case the application detects the uninterrupted series of 3 attempts of login to the same account with wrong password, it will be classified as possible hacking of the account by unauthorized person and the account will be temporarily blocked (for 15 minutes).

  3. Immediate End of the Connection
    There is the link logout both in the main and side menu of the application enabling immediate interruption of the connection between the user´s station and the provider´s server. In case it is not used after finishing the work the connection will be interrupted automatically 30 minutes after the last interaction.

Date of last update: 01.02.2019