Conditions for ČÚZK Spatial Data Provision

Czech office for surveying, mapping and cadastre (hereinafter „ČÚZK“) provides following open data (including metadata) for free:
  • ata administered in the Registry of territorial identification , addresses and real estate (RÚIAN) in the form of RÚIAN exchange format in accordance with the § 62 of the Act Nr. 111/2009 Coll., on Basic registries, as amended,
  • data of cadastral map in vectorial form administered in the Information system of the cadastre of real estate (ISKN) in the form of KN exchange format in accordance with the Act Nr.256/2013, on The cadastre of real estate, as amended, and Decree Nr. 358/2013 Coll., on Data provision from the cadastre of real estate, as amended,
  • spatial data published in accordance with requirements of the Infrastructure for spatial information in European community in the GML format according to the Act Nr. 123/1998 Coll., on the Right for information about the environment, as amended.
The above mentioned open spatial data can be:
  • extracted,
  • used both commercially and non-commercially,
  • copied, distributed, disseminated under the conditions set out below,
  • transformed and modified,
  • cited in other works.
Using the services following conditions are accepted:
  • data dissemination can be carried out solely together with relevant metadata,
  • make these conditions for network services available either in the form of link to the ČÚZK website or in another appropriate way,
  • data printouts and viewing services including these data must contain the source in the form “ČÚZK ” where time information is related to the updatedness of the particular dataset.
User further acknowledges that:
  • ČÚZK is not liable for mistakes caused by modification of primary data source,
  • ČÚZK is not liable for damages caused by improper use and improper or unprofessional interpretation of this data.
ČÚZK spatial data is provided also via network services (see Conditions for Provision of ČÚZK Network Services of Spatial Data).
Version 1.0 - dated April 4, 2016