Web Services of the Remote Access to the Data of the Cadastre of Real Estate of the Czech Republic

Web Services of the Remote Access (further only WSDP) is the application enlarging the DP application with the programme interface for access to KN data. Application enables connection of information systems of single users to this interface and via it utilization of KN data. Both DP and WSDP provide the same KN data and their outputs are identical as for the content.

WSDP application is charged as DP is and can be used solely by the registered users. It is necessary to create the user´s account at the provider (ČÚZK) for using the WSDP. It is not possible to use the same account for DP and WSDP or to combine them.

WSDP application is prepared for use for all types of users (ordinary, free of charge , authorizers ) under the same conditions as DP application.

Via WSDP application it is possible to obtain the excerpt from the cadastre of real estate (LV), information about parcel, building and unit and ownership overview – everything in the PDF or XML form. Description of these outputs is published on the website DP output sets.

Charging of PDF and XML forms - see Fees for Outputs from the Cadastre of Real Estate Provided by the Remote Access (DP) and by Remote Access Web Services (WSDP).

More detailed information about this application, provided outputs and technical requirements for its use find in the “Description of the WSDP application”. Interested persons can get to know it free of charge via WSDP demo version. Instructions and initial data are under the link “Information about WSDP demo version”.

WSDP 2.9 – detailed description (technical information)

 WSDP 2.9 description in ZIP format   New XSD for reports from 19.4.2022

WSDP ctiOS  – detailed description (technical information)

 WSDP ctiOS - description of services in ZIP format   

WSDP Order documents detailed description (technical information)  

   Description of documents order via WSDP in ZIP format  

Information about WSDP demo version  
Security and passwords
Operation information and application outage